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Originally Posted by vector
I agree with you 100%. The announcer was hired from an outside company to do the announcements and obviously he did not understand what gamers like. IMO they should not have bundled prizes so more people could win. Also, the guys on crutches, that was wrong, and if I were him I would have said something immediately – I am sure had NVIDIA known that were happening, they would have not liked it. Be vocal next time, get my attention; I will go to bat for you.

Thanks for clearing that up, knowing that guy isn’t part of your staff definitely bumps my opinion of you guys up a bit.

Well, first, good luck. Anyone who has really tried an event of this magnitude will understand it’s easier to say than do. If you want to break records, the Largest in California stands at 350 (GFLAN 2) The largest on The West Coast is PDXLAN (800 people, August 2005) – I guarantee you will not beat the West Coast record your first time out…which means you will lose loads of money, which sux, (been there). I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you with sincerity is: “The only true mistake is when you don’t learn from your previous mistakes”

To be fair, several members of the FLG community used to help out or be staff at LANtrocity years back. During LANtrocity’s peak around late 2001, we ran several 250+ man events, including a CPL qualifier event in October of 2001 where I believe we had 367 people in attendance. That is the event where the cheater video was made, if you’re familiar with that. So we’re not completely ignorant when it comes to these things.
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