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Why do other LAN's suck - an introspective

This commentary was graciously provided to us by Bunnslayer on 6/20/2007.   The views represented her by Bunnyslayer are in fact 100% in line with the thoughts and beliefs of Fusion LAN Gaming.

So after this latest bout of darma with another poopie LAN, I am wondering, in all my grand diploamcy, Why do other LAN's suck?

Is it due to the tournaments? Tournaments are ass. Nothing sucks the life out of the room faster than a tourney. Sure they sound fun to a few but in general no one wants a time frame to their LANs.

Is it the fact that they take themselves waaaay too seriously? LANs are about fun and *gasp* human interaction. Thinking you are making the next greatest SUPAR DUPAR Sac LAN that is going to go worldwide yada yada is the domaine of the newbie. No one likes an attitude and holier-than-thou mentality thrust at them by organizers (probably why I am never invited to the promotion of a LAN), but it does seem to be common among LANs. Plus that whole know-it-all attitude is not conducive to growing and learning from your mistakes. It is always amusing to see people get all defensive about a mistake. It's nothing personal, if something sucks maybe you should fix it rather than balk and flame soembody.

Over Sponsoring? I was worried about this after Vandy started hitting up sponsors, but he did it perfectly. I ran into this in racing as you see people waaaay to sponsored that they are no longer having fun and those around them don't have fun. Sponship is there to enhance your LAN, not to dominate it. Hang some banners, throw some stickers around, make it fun, not oppressive. Nothing is a fun-vampire more than somebody needing to have the NVIDIA LIAN-LI EIDOS tournament at 4:13 PM that will run exactly 24 minutes before the ATI DORITOS AMD tournament begins.

Rules Nazis? I understand the no porn thing to some extent... at least when you are having an all-ages LAN in this sue-happy world. But I've seen all sorts of "interesting" rules from no cussing, to no yelling, to no outside food. The cussing kinda goes back to all ages, but I'm sorry tough cookies if junior hears the f-bomb. Welcome to real life. Yelling? That one is great... uh yeah nothing whispers fun like a library. If you can't handle a little cussing and yelling, you really shouldn't be holding a LAN.

Show me the money! I know this hits home for a buch of us here at FLG. *spoiler alert* A lot of us were with LANtrocity!!! We have seen the great tide of money making schemes come and go. LANs are not about making money. Be happy to break even. Put them on for fun, but to get rich it won't happen. And before we get some yahoo in here saying he made $2000 bucks on a LAN, might I say wow! So did I this week. The more you try to cut costs and make money, the lamer your LAN is. That does not work in the inverse however. A poorly planned LAN will suck just as much and you will losing money while boring or pissing off a whole buch of people.

All Day/Weekend LANs? These suck. there is no getting by it. This may sound "Awesome!" to kids but after 12-14 hours of palying games and sitting on your but, you really don't want to keep going. It puts a huge amount of pressure on the whole LAN anyway as they have to figure out how to keep the LAN going hour after hour. Here is a hint: you can't. There is olny so much people are willing to play befoerthey get bored. People have lives other than gaming.. .well maybe except for those who will die virgins.

Damn outsiders? I know this is a big one for me. I know FLG and most of these guys are fun people to be around. We have our mixture of dorks, nerds, geeks, etc. but for the most part these guys know how to have fun. They can carry a conversation, teach you a buttload on certain subjects, and have more to their lives than games. It seems that "outsiders" tend to try and be cool are super-geeks, trolls, etc. the's rather come in here and keyboard commando it and flex their finger muscles instead of trying to get to know people. At LANs they troll around and pull the same stuff except that their keyboard machismo is gone as they realize that their asses will be kicked if they pull of the stuff they pull on the boards. Basically it comes down to act like a normal human being. Talk to people, show some respect, and just be normal. We are not cool. We play video games. Accept that. Get past that "Psycho-Killa". I really don't want to know your gaming handle when you introduce me geekboy. I have met "The Iceman". Did I care? No. I have met Keith, Jeff, Todd, Terry, Mikey, etc. and those names I do care about.

Basically this tyraid is here to say, get over yourselves and put on a fun LAN. Accept your criticism and figure out how to improve. Maybe I'm worng, and I am pretty sure this place will be flaming more than Faces on a Saturday night, but the truth always hurts. Now to get my fat ass off this soapbox and get back to our regularly scheduled SPAM-fest.

by Moddy, Sunday, 18 May 2008 14:16 Comments(0), Read all
FLG Front Page

Here's the new front page. Eventually I may get all of the old news stories n stuff copied over, but for now I just wanted to get this up and running. I managed to get the gallery working, and have kinda figured out the rest of the goodies on this wrapper. Oh, the 'single sign-on' should be working also - one login for front page and forum.

For new users: We have been getting bombarded with spam (shocker, I know) and have started manually approving accounts. If you signed up and your acct wasn't approved, please email me and I'll see what I can do. modfather@fusionlangaming.com

As always, the activity is in the forum -

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Thursday April 01, 2004 @03:31PM

Contributed by: The Modfather
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Simply AMAZING!  

When we decided to put FLG up for sale, we had NO idea that anyone would want it - let alone pay us for it.  Amazingly enough, we received an email today from an interested party.  The person (group?) interested in purchasing FLG has prior LAN Party experience, has run quite a few successful "large scale" LAN's, and as of right now is operating a number of successful "game centers." 

I can't say that I'm going to "miss" FLG, cuz I'm still gonna be around like I am now.  I hope that everyone else decides to stick around as well - we have built a GREAT community, met a LOT of cool people, and made a lot of close friends.

I hope to still see everyone on the boards, and more importantly, AT THE LAN'S!!!!

Frag on people!

by Moddy, Saturday, 10 November 2007 22:18 Comments(0), Read all

Thursday April 01, 2004 @01:30AM
Contributed by: The Modfather
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The time has come to pass the torch.  Fusion LAN Gaming is going on the market.

Why are we selling? Simple - When we founded FLG, it was for the fun. It was to be touted as "All of the games - None of the BULLSHIT", but where ever we go, the "bullshit" seems to follow us.  We are non-profit, so it's just not worth it to us to have to put up with the accusations and headaches without getting compensated. Since we are non-profit, there is no way for us to receive any money for our troubles. But for someone with the right mindset, Fusion LAN Gaming can become a cash cow, and potentially become the largest LAN party in the United States. 

What you're purchasing: You get the domain name, the professionally designed website (with vBulletin) and full databases. You also get a 24 port 3COM 10/100 switch, a Cisco 48 port 10/100 switch, a Cisco 24 port 10/100 switch, enough bundled Cat5 cable to run an 80 person event, a bunch of power strips, a bunch of extension cords, four 8' foldable tables, and all of the fame and fortune that comes with it. We will transfer our webhost into your name, and you will get the remainder of our contract with them. We will also give you our sponsor contacts.

This is truly a once in a lifetime chance! If you are interested in owning Sacramento's BEST LAN party, now is your chance! For the right individual (or group), Fusion LAN Gaming is an opportunity that is too good to be passed up! It's a turn-key operation that has the potential to become VERY profitable, VERY quickly. A great site, a great community, and an overall great deal!!!

Please email admin@fusionlangaming.com Serious inquiries only, please.

by Moddy, Saturday, 10 November 2007 22:16 Comments(0), Read all
FLG.008 - Over n Done!

Tuesday January 27, 2004 @09:29AM
Contributed by: The Modfather
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Big thanks to everyone who showed up for FLG.008!  I was a bit apprehensive because of what happened at 007, but it was pulled off with NO issues, some GREAT food, and a TON of different games were played!  Oh, and the fragrance - mmmm-hmmmm.....everyone can thank Bullfrog for the smell in there - the chilidogs were HIS idea!

We have some ideas for a KICK ASS LAN around May. I'm sure there will be some smaller events before then, but keep watchin for "The Big'un"   Oh, and if you want to host a LAN at your house, please let any of the FLG staff know - we have plenty of equipment that we are willing to share.

So what was your favorite part of 008?  Was it the EARLY start (we had the doors open at like 8am for setup - and people were POURING in).  Was it the table FULL of junk food that everyone brought?  Was it the variety of games being played?  Or the old school games (Quake2, Quake3, Unreal Tournament) that were being played?  How about the hot links and chili dogs?  For me, the best part was the fact that the LAN went off without a hitch - no power issues - no network issues - in fact, the ONLY thing that sucked is that I was gettin OWNED by EVERYONE.  Bleh!

Anyhow, I can't wait for the next big one guys n gals - I am going to try and secure some sponsors for it so we can give away some swagzor n stuff.  Of course we should be able to BBQ, and hopefully some great new games come out.

Big thanks to Area51 for securing the building again, Silly for deciding to come to the LAN, Froggy for makin sure our bellys were FULL, and to all of the peeps that helped set up and tear down.  That was the QUICKEST clean up EVER!

See ya'll in the forum!

by Moddy, Saturday, 10 November 2007 22:07 Comments(0), Read all